Predictions of Boxing Day Premier Leage matches

The fight between WBA, WBO and IBF world champion Miguel Cotto and WBO world light-welterweight champion Gennady Golovkin was a good fight. The fight was a real pleasure for fans, and it was a great success for the promoters. The main reason for this is the fact that Golovkins performance was not only spectacular, but also very convincing.

The main event of the fight was the first round. Golovkins opponent was not the best fighter of the division. Cotto was a very good fighter, but he was not able to impose himself on Golovksy. Golodkin was able to take advantage of the mistakes of the opponent and score a lot of points.
After the first rounds, the fight became more interesting, because Golovin was not so confident. He was not always able to get the right position on the ring. In the second round, Golovins opponent managed to get a couple of hits on Golodkins face.
The third round was more interesting for the fans. Golokins opponent did not show his best game, and he was forced to defend himself. Golotkin managed to score a few points, but the fight ended in a draw.
You can always follow the result of the fights on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the information on the fight between Cotto (who is considered the best pound for pound fighter of all time) and Golovtkin.
In the last few years, the boxing world has been full of great fights. The winner of the main event was the main favorite of the entire year. The fights are always interesting, and the fight with Golovtin was no exception.
It is always easy to follow the results of the boxing matches on the sports statistics website. Here, you will always find the latest news, as well as detailed statistics of the matches.
Live Results of the Premier Leagues
The live scores of the championship of your country are always available on the platform of sports data. Here the data are updated in real time.
This year, the main fight of the year was the fight of WBA champion GGG and WBC champion Wladimir Klitschko. The first fight was very successful for Klitschkos fans. The champion managed to defeat the Ukrainian boxer, who is considered one of the best fighters of all times.
However, the second fight was not as successful for the Klitschkos fans. Wladmir managed to lose to GGG. The Ukrainian boxer managed to win the fight, but it was not a good result for him.
Now, the fans of the Klitschkos are not so happy with the fight. They are not happy with Wladimurs performance.
Thanks to the live scores, you can follow the development of the events in the fight arena. Here all the necessary information is available.
Main Events of the Season
The season of the World Championship of Boxing was very interesting. The most interesting fights were the fights between the world champions.
Of course, the most important fight of all was the one between Wlad and GGG, who was considered the main contender for the world title. The fans of boxing loved the fight and were waiting for the result.
Unfortunately, the result was not what the fans expected. The Wlad won the fight against the Ukrainian. The result of this fight was another failure for the Wlad.
Despite the fact, that the fight is considered a failure by the fans, the WBA and WBAF have given him a 10-0 record.
For the fight fans, this is a good news. They can now look forward to the fight next year.
Here you can always find all the results, as the fight will be held on the same day.
Latest Boxing News
The boxing season is coming to an end. The winners of the last year’s championship are now in the main draw. The best fighters from around the world are now fighting for the title of the strongest man in the world.
All the results are available on our website. You can always learn the latest information from the world of the most popular sport.
Wladimir and Gennadys fight was an excellent fight. Both fighters were able to show their best game. The results of this match were not bad either.
Both fighters managed to take a lot from the fight:
1. Wlads performance. The fighter managed to show his maximum. He did not lose any points and was able not to give any excuses.
2. Gennads performance in the second half of the round. The boxer managed not to show any mistakes.
3. The quality of the punches of the Ukrainian fighter.
4. The speed of the rounds.
5. The good position of the fighters.
6. The distance of the distance.
7. The fact that the fighters were not able not only to exchange punches, but they also managed to exchange them on the ground.
8. The finish of the second rounds. The fighters managed not only a couple, but a lot.
9. The third rounds. In this round, the Ukrainian managed to achieve a good score.
10. The fourth rounds. This round was the most interesting for fans.

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