Match Facts: Tottenham vs Aston Villa predictions

The match between Tottenham and Aston Villa will be held on the 17th of August. The game will take place at Wembley. The first round of the Premier League saw the team of Pochettino and his players managed to score a lot of points. The team of Jurgen Klopp managed to win the second round of matches.
In the last season, the team from Spurs managed to finish in the middle of the standings. The Spurs also managed to qualify for the Champions League. The main goal of the team is to win gold medals.
The team of Villa is also in the Champions league zone. The club is also trying to win a place in the Europa League zone.
This season, Tottenham will try to win more points than the previous one. The Tottenham Hotspur is the most successful team in the Premier league, so the team will try not to lose points.
Tottenham Hotspur predictions for the match against Aston Villa
The Tottenham Hotspurs are one of the main contenders for the title. The players of the club are trying to achieve the desired result. The current season is very important for the team. The previous season was not successful for the club. The results of the season were not good for Tottenham.
However, the current season will be very successful for Pochettinos’ team. He is able to make the team win the title of the best team in England. The performance of the Spurs in the current campaign is quite good. The following factors are responsible for the success of the Tottenham Hotspot:
1. Good teamwork. The teammates of Pochetinos are able to work well together. This is one of many reasons for the successful results of Pocheteins’s team.
2. Tactical flexibility. The coach of the squad is able not to follow the latest news and information. This allows the players to focus on the game.
3. Motivation. The fans of the football fans are expecting the team to win many trophies.
4. Good results of other teams. The teams of the English Premier league are not the best in the world. The Aston Villa and Manchester City are the main rivals of Tottenham. The squad of Pochertinos is also able to fight against the teams from the lower divisions.
5. Good luck. The recent season was quite successful for Tottenham Hotspa, so they are able not only to win trophies, but also to get into the Champions’ League zone and the Europa league zone at the same time.
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Aston Villa predictions for Tottenham match
The Aston Villa is one the main competitors of Tottenham in the English Championship. The Villa is trying to get a place at the Europa zone. This season, it is quite difficult for the Villa to fight for the places in the top-4.
Among the main reasons for this are:
* bad results of teams in the league;
* poor results of clubs in the cups;
* League 1
* Cup of England
You should not forget that the team has a long-term plan. The last season the Villa managed to get to the Europa Cup zone. However, this season the team needs to fight with the teams in lower divisions to get the places at the top of the championship.
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Villa predictions for Spurs match
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Predictions for the game between Tottenham Hotspe and Aston
The game between the Spurs and Aston will be played on the 18th of September. The match will be hosted at Wembley stadium.

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