Manchester City are the favorites of Citizens’ Derby against Manchester United!

In the English Premier League, the teams are fighting for the title. The derby is always a real treat for fans, and the results of the matches are always very interesting.
The teams have met a lot of times in the Premier League. The previous season, the Citizens were the main contenders for the champion title, but the team was defeated by Manchester United in the final.
This season, Manchester United is a real contender for the coveted title. It is clear that the team is not the same as it was in the previous season. The main problem of the team this year is the lack of motivation. The team is still in the middle of the standings, so it is not yet ready to fight for the victory.
However, the team has a lot to show in the upcoming matches. The following factors will help the Red Devils to get a better result:
1. Good teamwork. The players of the club understand each other’s positions well, which is very important for the fight for gold medals.
2. Good selection of players. The club has a good lineup, which allows it to fight against its main competitors.
3. Good health of the leaders. The Red Devils have a good selection of leaders, who are able to quickly react to the changes in the game situation.
All these factors will definitely help the team to get the desired result.

The Citizens are not the only team in the top of the Premier league table. Manchester City is also in the fight with Liverpool and Manchester United for the championship title.
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Manchester City’ Results
The previous season of the English Championship was very successful for the Citizens. The squad of Manuel Pellegrini managed to finish in the first position, and in the following rounds, the club managed to get into the top-4.
As a result, the City managed to win the Premier title. This was the first time that a team managed to achieve this result in the history of the tournament.
Of course, the previous year’ football was not so successful for Pellegini’ team. The coach managed to reach the Champions League zone, but was defeated in the group stage by Roma.
It is worth noting that the City won the Premier in the season 2016/17, so the team managed not to lose points in the championship.
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Team’ Goals in the Next Match
The team has to play against the team of Manchester United. The last time the Red devils played against the Red Devil’ was in 2017, when the Citizens won with a score of 2:0.
Now, the Red team is very confident in the match against the Old Trafford. The Old Trafford team is much weaker than the Citizens, so this will be a real test for the team.
If the team manages to get victory, then it will be the second time in the last season that the Citizens have won the championship with the score of at least 2:1.
One of the main goals of the Red squad is to get to the Champions league zone. The Citizens have a very good lineup and are able not to miss a single match.
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Live Results of Manchester derby
The Manchester derby is a really interesting event. The teams are playing against each other for the third time in a row. This time, the Old rivals are not so confident and do not want to give the Citizens a chance.
At the moment, the score is 1:0 in favor of the Citizens and the fans are really happy with this result. The next match will be very important, because the team needs to win to get closer to the top 4.
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Current Standings of Manchester Derby
The last season of Manchester was very productive for the Old team. It managed to end in the champion’ title, and this time the Citizens will not be able to repeat the feat.
Despite this, the current season of Guardiola’ squad is still very productive. The City managed not only to finish at the first place of the championship, but also to get in the Champions’ League zone.
During the season, many leaders of the Old City team were injured, which affected the results. However, the squad managed to play well and get a good result. It was the best result of the season for the club, which was not achieved by the previous two years.
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Latest Results of the City
The season of 2017/18 was very good for the City team. This is not surprising, because this was the last time that the club won the champion.
After the previous championship, the players of Guardiola’s team were very confident and did not miss a match.

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