Chelsea transfers and news in January 2017

The transfer window is approaching, and many clubs are already looking for new players. This is especially true for the Premier League, where the main transfer targets are the following:
1. New signing.
2. Return of a player who has left the team.
3. New coach.
The first two are already known, the third one is still being discussed.
In this article, we will focus on the last one.

In the last season, Manchester United managed to get a new coach, and the team is now much stronger. Jose Mourinho has a lot of experience in the English Premier League and knows the club well. He is able to make the team play with a new level, which is very important for the team’s results.
New Manchester United Transfer Prospects
The team”s main transfer target is the acquisition of a new goalkeeper. The club has been searching for a long time for a good goalkeeper, and they have finally found one. The player who will replace the injured David de Gea is the Spaniard of the same name.
However, the cost of the player is not the main problem. The main problem is the fact that the player has no experience in English football. He has played in the Spanish championship, but he has never managed to become a regular.
Mourinho is ready to give the player a chance, and he will have to prove himself in the Premier league. The coach has already managed to bring the team to the Champions League zone, and now he wants to win the Europa League.
Manchester United’ Transfer Prospect
The main transfer of the season is the signing of a goalkeeper. Mourinho has already demonstrated his skills in the domestic arena, and this is another proof that he is able not only to win, but also to please his players.
It is possible that the new goalkeeper will be a good addition to the team, but the main thing is to find the right person. The goalkeeper’ position is a very important position in the team and is very difficult to fill.
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Latest news about the club’ transfer campaign
In January, the team will have a busy transfer campaign. The most important events are:
* signing of the new player;
* transfer of a young player; and
* loan of a midfielder.
All of them will have an impact on the results of the team in the next season.
1- New signing
The club has already started the transfer campaign, and it is now looking for a new signing. The new goalkeeper is the Spanish player of the name of David de Gansa. He was a player of Real Madrid, and after his departure, he decided to go to Manchester United.
De Gansas is a good player, and his arrival will allow Mourinho to restructure the defense of the club. The team“s defense was quite weak, and Mourinho needs to strengthen the position of the goalkeeper.
After the signing, the club will have the following players:
· De Gans;
· De Gea;
· Nemanja Matic.
This is a really good selection of players, because now the team can focus on its main task: to win trophies.
Also, the goalkeeper will become a good replacement for the injured one. However, the price of the signing is high. The cost of a good footballer is about 100 million pounds.
If the club decides to buy a new player, then it will have two options:
• Sign a free agent; or

• Sign a player for free.
Of course, the first option is preferable, because it will allow the club to buy the player at a lower price.
Another option is to sign a player on loan. The loan is a great opportunity to acquire a player, who will help the team achieve its goals.
Other clubs have already tried this approach, and in the future they will try to do the same.
Future Manchester United Prospects
The future of the Manchester United is very bright, and there is no doubt that the team has a bright future. The current season has shown that the club has a good squad, and its players can play at the highest level.
Now, the main goal of the management is to win at the international arena. The management has already shown that it is capable of doing this, and if the team manages to do this, then the club can become a real force in the world.
At the moment, the management has a very good squad. It is possible to count on the following stars:
● Cristiano Ronaldo;

● Wayne Rooney;
• Zlatan Ibrahimovic;
● Anthony Martial;
● Alexis Sanchez.
These players are the main reasons why the team was able to win all the matches it played.
Next season, the squad of the Red Devils will be even stronger. The players will have time to rest, and then they will be able to do their best.

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